The Vernon Smith Family - BBFI Missionaries to Tanzania

The Smith Family

Mary, Nathan, Bonnie & Vernon

BBFI Missionaries to Tanzania




Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
Pasadena, Texas

We have been missionaries in East Africa since 1988.  In 1993 after moving to Morogoro Tanzania, we began a new ministry and began planting a church in that city.  Eight years later, on August 5th 2001, the Morogoro Bible Baptist Church, was turned over to national pastors on a grand day called, "Siku Ya Uongozi - Leadership Day."   

This year of 2002 has found the Smith family in transit from Morogoro to a new town called Arusha Tanzania.  The Baptist Bible Fellowship has no Independent Baptist Churches in this city.  Together with BBFI missionaries the Tom and Joanne Foltz family, we have moved to this city to plant another church.

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