Retired Missionaries Don & Phyllis Sidebottom

Don and Phyllis Sidebottom were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Ethiopia in May, 1962. They were forced out of Ethiopia because of a Communist takeover in May, 1976. After furlough the Sidebottoms went to St. Croix, USVI, to fill in for the BBFI missionary there who had to return to The States because of health problems. When the doctors told that missionary he could not return to St. Croix the Sidebottoms stayed on until Calvary Baptist Church was able to call an Island pastor. At that time the Sidebottoms asked for a change of fields to go to Puerto Rico which they did after completing studies in Spanish at The Rio Grande Missionary Language School in December, 1980. Communism lost its grip on Ethiopia which made it possible for them to fields and return in 1989. Don and Phyllis Sidebottom have three grown children and retired as BBFI missionaries in March, 2010.

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