Dear Pastors and Prayer Warriors,                                                           September 2013

I have been in several key states of my ministry support. I have traveled in Virginia, Ohio, and the Northeast states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. God has given me traveling mercies and great times in the churches that pray for me and also financially support me. Pray for me as I continue to travel in Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. I still have many miles to go until I return to Tanzania in October. I am traveling by myself but I am not alone. The Lord travels with me; if you see me talking to myself in the car as I travel, I am talking to my true driver of my rental car, the sweet Lord Jesus.

BIG NEED: As I type this, I am using an old loaner laptop computer since I am in need of replacing my main laptop. Just before I left Tanzania, my computer crashed and is not repairable for my needs. My computer needs to be able to withstand the heat and the conditions which are not typical to America. I am looking with diligence for a replacement and I need an extra strong laptop to withstand the harsh conditions of East Africa. I am asking for help to replace my computer. My son is able to get a really strong, durable business laptop at a good price. Please consider a gift of $200 or more to help me get this laptop before I leave for East Africa. It is the most important piece of equipment I use for the ministry and I need your help to buy it. Thank you in advance for your help in filling this huge need.

Pray for the Christian school in Oloirieni. We are graduating our first seventh grade class, the last year of elementary school in Tanzania. 17 students will graduate in November from our school, Bible Baptist Academy. They are a joy to work with and to lead in Bible classes and chapel. Several have made professions of faith and are growing in the Lord. Pray that they do well on their national exams in September and pray that they enter into secondary school strong in the Lord.

OPPORTUNITY: Sponsorship of students in the Christian school. Next year we will have over 40 students qualified to receive sponsorships from faithful sponsors in the USA. Inflation and costs are raising the yearly fee to 600 USD, or 50 USD each month. We have kept the level down but this year we are seeing a deficit in our budget which is over 2000 USD. I pray that God will help those who are giving to keep on giving, and news ones to replace the ones who cannot. Let me know if you are able to help with this sponsorship program. Many faithful members of the Oloirieni church cannot pay these school fees themselves, but the sponsors are helping their children to get a quality Christian education. Email me at and let me know if you would like to support Christian education for these needy students.

I went to the Statue of Liberty last week with my grandkids. To see the flame of freedom still shining bright, makes me feel a pride for my country, America. Do you know we can still tell others about the Lord Jesus because of this freedom? So many Christians in closed countries are not free to tell others the Good News of Jesus. Are you using the opportunities to tell others and use this great freedom given to us in America? Remember as we approach the fall of this year, we are responsible to tell others and let the results up to the Holy Spirit to work on the hearts. Fall is the time of decay of the summer plants; harvest time is here. We need to harvest souls for the Lord while we have time. Be a witness for the Good News of Jesus Christ this fall.

Joanne Foltz

Missionary in Tanzania since 1997

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Updated 29 Aug 2013